HOLDUP/MURDER: In May, 1971, Heidi Ann Fletcher, who is the daughter of former D.C. deputy mayor Thomas W. Fletcher, her boyfriend Eros Timm and Lawrence Caldwell were arrested in connection with the holdup of a savings and loan office and the subsequent murder of D.C. police officer William Sigmon.

The affair shocked friends of both the Fletcher and Timm families. Timm had been a model student at prestigious St. John's College High School. Fletcher had been brought up in California and had led "the most average kind of California upbringing possible," according to friends. She moved to Washington when her father was appointed assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

All three pleaded gu CAPTION: Picture, Social services counselor Caroline King-Monroe puts final touches onn place settings for halfway house residentsilty to first-degree murder. Timm is serving a life sentence in Lewisburg, Pa., federal penitentiary. Caldwell is serving time in Marion, Ill. Heidi Ann Fletcher was paroled after serving four years and a month in prison and is working in California as an office manager for a high-tech firm. According to her father, "she has gotten her life together."

Thomas Fletcher recently underwent open-heart surgery and is living in California on medical retirement. He does occasional consulting work for a research firm where he has worked for four years.