On the first weekend in May each year from 1971 to 1975, District residents gathered on the Mall for Human Kindness Day, a weekend series of art exhibits, workshops, essay and art contests, capped by free rock concerts featuring such performers as Roberta Flack, Dick Gregory, Nina Simone and Stevie Wonder.

It was jointly sponsored by Compared To What? Inc., a nonprofit organization for the advancement of the arts, by the National Park Service and by the D.C. Recreation Department. The event was canceled after the 1975 extravaganza that attracted 125,000 people, when more than 600 spectators were injured and 211 were robbed.

Carol Kirkendall, Darryll Brooks and Gerald Scott were the leaders of CTW?. Among their other community projects were the Summer Hut program, which provided music workshops for youngsters in Anacostia Park, and the Technical Arts Apprenticeship program, which trained youngsters to work with lighting and sound equipment.

These days, Kirkendall and Brooks have made concert promoting a full-time business. Their Tiger Flower and Co. Inc. has become one of the area's leading promoters. They recently co-promoted the Rolling Stones concert at the Capital Centre, did the Rick James concert and are working with Earl Klugh for his Feb. 23 DAR Constitution Hall show. Scott has left the concert promotion business and now lives in North Carolina.