In February 1980, Phil and Ann Truluck moved into a renovated warehouse facing an alley between 11th and 12th streets NE and Constitution Avenue and East Capitol Street on Capitol Hill.

Their bureaucratic nightmare had started when they bought the house. Since it faced an alley and had no street access, the Postal Service refused to deliver their mail. After a lengthy battle with the Postal Service and District government, after doing research on how to name a street and how to get an alley recognized as a street, and finally after getting assistance from Postmaster General William Bolger, the Trulucks began getting their mail at home.

But the Trulucks say they still have no street sign, even though the City Council approved a bill designating the alley as Walter Houp Court nearly a year ago. "For the last year, we've sent out maps to people instead of trying to give them directions," says Phil Truluck. "We still get some of our mail addressed 'to the rear of 1110 East Capitol Street.' " About their notoriety, Truluck says that because of publicity about their dilemma, "I've heard from people, who I've had no contact with for years.", from left, Thelma, Edith and Verdell. By Fred Sweets -- The Washington Post