GPO's inspector general is looking into expenditures for redecorating in some eighth-floor executive offices of the big printing plant.

Public Printer Danford L. Sawyer Jr., a Florida businessman, ordered the IG to audit the remodeling -- which he says took place during his vacation -- when he returned Jan. 11.

Some GPO workers have contacted the media, claiming that millions have been spent unnecessarily to spruce up the digs of political appointees. Sawyer said he cannot comment on the allegations while the IG is investigating. Sawyer gave two reporters an office tour Friday afternoon. His office changes, he said, have been limited to a new rug and drapes, and minor repairs to his desk, a table and a chair.

He said a $2.8 million sprinkler system is being installed -- to conform with fire codes -- but he resents whispers to the press that he and his staff are feathering their nests at public expense. Sawyer said he has instituted a number of cost-cutting procedures at GPO, cut employment and moved to modernize the antiquated building near Union Station.

Sawyer said he hopes the IG report will be on his desk within two weeks, and, if improprieties are found, he will deal with them.