An unidentified man was shot to death in a gun battle with two other men at a Northwest intersection last night, apparently after he had tried to elude his assailants in a high-speed auto chase along upper Georgia Avenue, D.C. police reported.

Police said the shootout occurred at Georgia Avenue and Ingraham Street NW about 10 p.m., moments after the victim's compact car stalled there as he tried to flee from two men pursuing him in a late-model white sedan.

The sedan pulled up alongside the compact, police said, and two men in it began firing into the stalled car. The victim, believed to be a Jamaican in his early 20s, fired back with a handgun from behind the wheel of his car, but was struck by a hail of bullets and died almost immediately, police said. The sedan then sped away.

Police and ambulance attendants reaching the scene minutes later found the compact car riddled with bullet holes, two of its windows shattered by gunfire and at least two of its tires shot flat. The driver was dead behind the wheel. After interviewing several area residents, police estimated that more than a dozen shots had been fired in the melee.

Investigators, who had not determined a motive for the incident as of early this morning, said they were looking into the possibility that an exchange of gunfire reported three blocks south of the Georgia and Ingraham intersection just before 10 p.m. might be related.

Police at the scene said they believe that one or possibly both of the gunmen might have been wounded in the gunfight and officers were checking local hospitals early today.