When the House of Delegates this week voted overwhelmingly against a resolution that would have brought the Equal Rights Amendment to the House floor, only four Northern Virginia delegates voted with the majority.

The other 17 local delegates voted in favor of the resolution, but were defeated 62-to-35.

The four first-term Republican legislators who split from the local delegation--Gwendalyn F. Cody (R-Fairfax), Frank Medico (R-Fairfax), Harry J. Parrish (R-Prince William) and Kenneth B. Rollins (R-Loudoun)--said they did so primarily because they opposed the parliamentary move, which would have allowed the ERA to bypass a House committee and move directly to the full House floor for a vote.

"I felt the ERA shouldn't be treated any different than other pieces of legislation," Rollins said. "The committee system works well. I'm reluctant to change it for any one piece of legislation."

Medico said he would have voted for the resolution "if it had been a general rule applying to all legislation."

"Such a rule change should be broad so any issue could be voted out," he said.

Parrish said his vote stemmed from his objection to such a drastic change in the committee structure. "In essence we would have been destroying the Privileges and Elections Committee," he said. "I was in oppositon to discharging any committee. The operation of the legislature depends on the committee structure."

Cody said a vote in favor of the rules change would have forced her to step outside of the established structure of the assembly. "As a freshman delegate, I'm trying to work within the system," she said.

The four delegates said they also would vote against the ERA itself.

"I've always put females on somewhat of a pedestal," said Parrish. "I think they belong there. . . . The female species will be harmed rather than helped by the ERA."

Cody, an outspoken opponent of the ERA during her campaign for the statehouse, said she is opposed "to the amendment, not equal rights for women."

Delegates who voted "yes," which would have brought the issue to the House floor for debate and vote, were:

Robert W. Ackerman (D-Fredericksburg), James F. Almand (D-Arlington), Robert T. Andrews (D-Fairfax), FLoyd C. Bagley (D-Prince Wiliam), Warren E. Barry (R-Springfield), David G. Brickley (D-Prince William), Vincent F. Callahan Jr. (R-Fairfax), James S. Christian Jr. (D-Richmond), Bernard S. Cohen (D-Alexandria), Alan A. Diamonstein (D-Newport News), James H. Dillard (R-Fairfax), V. Thomas Forehand (D-Chesapeake), Arthur R. Giesen (R-Verona), Thomas E. Glascock (D-Hampton), George W. Grayson (D-Williamsburg), Robert E. Harris (R-Fairfax), Edythe C. Harrison (D-Norfolk), Robison B. James (D-Richmond), G.C. Jennings (D-Marion), Gladys B. Keating (D-Fairfax), Benjamin J. Lambert (D-Richmond), Mary A. Marshall (D-Arlington), Dorothy S. McDiarmid (D-Fairfax), Joan H. Munford (D-Blacksburg), James B. Murray (D-Earlysville), Owen B. Pickett (D-Virginia Beach), Kenneth R. Plum (D-Fairfax), John H. Rust Jr. (R-Fairfax), Robert C. Scott (D-Newport News), Warren G. Stambaugh (D-Arlington), Mary Sue Terry (D-Stuart), Marian Van Landingham (D-Alexandria), Mitchell Van Yahres (D-Charlottesville), Robert E. Washington (D-Norfolk), Vivian E. Watts (D-Fairfax).

Delegates voting "no," to keep the issue off the House floor, were:

G. Steven Agee (R-Roanoke), Claude W. Anderson (D-Buckingham), Richard M. Bagley (D-Hampton), Robert B. Ball (D-Richmond), George P. Beard (R-Culpepper), William A. Beeton (R-Altavista), Robert S. Bloxom (R-Mappsville), Kenneth E. Calvert (R-Danville), Archibald A. Campbell (D-Wytheville), Gwendalyn F. Cody (R-Fairfax), J. Paul Councill (D-Franklin), C. Richard Cranwell (D-Roanoke), Frederick H. Creekmore (D-Chesapeake), Joseph P. Crouch (R-Lynchburg), James A. Davis (D-Ferrum), V. Earl Dickinson (D-Mineral) Walter H. Emroch (D-Richmond), J.Samuel Glasscock (D-Suffolk), William F. Green (D-Lebanon), Raymond R. Guest (R-Front Royal), Franklin P. Hall (D-Richmond), Frank D. Hargrove (R-Glen Allen), Charles R. Hawkins (R-Chatham), George H. Heilig (D-Norfolk), A. Ray Hull (R-Staunton), Johnny S. Joannou (D-Portsmouth), Joseph A. Johnson (D-Abingdon), George W. Jones (R-Bon Air), R.Beasley Jones (D-Dinwiddie), L. Cleaves Manning (D-Portsmouth), C. Hardaway Marks (D-Hopewell), Glenn B. McClanan (D-Virginia Beach), Donald A. McGlothlin (D-Grundy), Frank Medico (R-Fairfax), Clinton Miller (R-Woodstock), Kevin G. Miller (R-Harrisonburg), Thomas M. Moncure (R-Stafford), Harvey B. Morgan (R-Gloucester), Theodore V. Morrison (D-Newport News), Thomas W. Moss (D-Norfolk), W. Tayloe Murphy (D-Warsaw), J.W. O'Brien (D-Virginia Beach), W.R. O'Brien (R-Virginia Beach), Lewis W. Parker (D-South Hill), Harry J. Parrish (R-Prince William), A.L. Philpott (D-Bassett), Lacey E. Putney (I-Bedford), Kenneth B. Rollins (R-Loudoun), Robert E. Russell (R-Bon Air), Norman Sisisky (D-Petersburg), Frank M. Slayton (D-South Boston), Alson H. Smith (D-Winchester), Melvin M. Spence (R-Virginia Beach), C. Jefferson Stafford (R-Pearisburg), S. Wallace Stieffen (D-Hampton), W. Ward Teel (R-Christiansburg), A. Victor Thomas (D-Roanoke), John Watkins (R-Midlothian), Vance Wilkins (R-Amherst), William T. Wilson (D-Covington), Clifton Woodrum (D-Roanoke).

Delegates abstaining or not present:

Orby L. Cantrell (D-Pound), Ford C. Quillen (D-Gate City), William P. Robinson (D-Norfolk).