Over the past four months, approximately 11,500 federal workers have gotten the bad news they are to be fired. So far, 4,753 of them--612 in this area--have actually gone out the door, according to soon-to-be published data from the Office of Personnel Management.

OPM says 2,700 RIF (layoff) notices were issued in January, including about 600 to the area's 360,000 civil servants.

OPM's data (for the period Oct. 1 to Jan. 31) is based on reports to it from federal agencies. OPM's figures are frequently at odds with (and lower than) overall firing figures pulled together by a congressional task force that is monitoring all RIFs, whether they are directly related to Reagan budget cuts or for some other economy reason.

OPM says the bulk of the workers fired during this fiscal year were the 2,900 Public Health Service aides. It says that 1,800 of them were hired by state and local government units that took over PHS facilities and hospitals.

Some of the projected RIFs have been delayed--while agencies wait to see what Congress will do with their budgets. Others have been canceled (like the U.S. marshals layoff scheduled for last month) and the number of people actually fired has dropped in some agencies because many workers retired.

OPM's figures do not include RIF notices that have been issued this month. Nor do they include agency projections that they will have to fire thousands more people unless Congress restores budget cuts it made before Christmas. Some agencies are still waiting until Congress approves their budgets before announcing RIF and furlough plans.

Layoffs, Demotions, Reassignments: A big chunk of the Urban Mass Transportation Administration's 375 staffers here will be hit by budget-induced shakeups or reorganization in the weeks ahead. More than 50 are to be fired next month, 13 demoted (some as many as 9 grades) and 160 reassigned.

UMTA's chief was in Florida on official business when the layoffs were announced. But several employes said that one of the bosses' more light-hearted aides handed out "gag" (as in choke) pink slips to some people NOT on the hit list. One must maintain a sense of humor at all times!

Meantime, the American Public Transit Association (828-2800) has set up a job bank to help place about-to-be-fired UMTA people in the private sector.