PacMan, Asteroids, Space Invaders and other electronic video games won't be coming to amusement parlors in Purcellville, under a decision made by the Town Council last week.

The council turned down, 3 to 3, several requests for permits to establish video game parlors. A tie vote defeats a proposal, Mayor Edward Nestor said.

Nestor said the council rejected a proposed ordinance to regulate video game rooms that would have restricted their hours, banned alcoholic beverages and required that management be present at all times. Owners of a local restaurant, The Subway, and the Loudoun Valley Shopping Center had sought the town's approval to establish game rooms, Nestor said.

There already are 17 electronic games operating in Purcellville businesses, Nestor said, but last week's vote will prohibit establishment of separate amusement parlors. Nestor said another ordinance may be proposed to set a maximum number of games per business outlet.

"We have a very nice town and I don't think it adds anything to the town," Nestor said, explaining why he voted against the proposal.

"We are luring children into putting money into slot machines in these hard times. And it draws a crowd and the possibility of drawing undesirables and undesirable products, such as dope," he said.

Councilman Ernest Kulik, one of three who favored the idea, said he did not think amusement centers would be a bad influence on the town's youth.

"I think a business such as this, if properly managed, would be an asset to the town coffers," Kulik said. "They pay the town based on their gross income, and these places would bring in a large income."