A Prince George's County woman and a District man were indicted yesterday in a murder-for-hire plot against her husband that police say apparently included two unsuccessful attempts on his life.

Police said the killing may have been foiled as the result of a tip they received from the indicted woman's father.

A seven-count indictment by a Prince George's County grand jury accused Leslie Boyd Andrews, 26, of Greenbelt Road, and Terry Tyrone Brown, 27, of 12th Street SE, of attempted murder and conspiracy in a plot against Phillip Andrews, 25.

The accused could not be reached for comment last night.

It was the third case since 1977 in which a Prince George's resident was accused of conspiring to murder a spouse.

According to documents filed by police, Leslie Andrews, who operates a small cleaning business in Montgomery County, offered Brown $2,000 to kill her husband. Police said Brown, a psychiatric counselor at St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, had received $1,000 from Andrews and was waiting for the balance at a prearranged spot when he was arrested on the night of Jan. 28 at Landover Mall.

According to police accounts, they had received a tip earlier that day from Leslie Andrews' father that Phillip Andrews was set to be gunned down that afternoon during a shopping trip at the mall with his wife. While police saturated the mall with cars, they said Leslie Andrews and her husband went to another mall, and that she then slipped away to meet Brown in a nearby K-Mart store. There, according to police, Brown told her about all the police at Landover Mall. Leslie Andrews, police said, told Brown she would go home with her husband.

When the couple arrived at their garden apartment building, someone fired a shot at Phillip Andrews as he tried to unlock the door, police said.

In a telephone interview this week, Andrews said "the bullet went right over my right shoulder."

"If I could use my right hand, I would have been hit in the head," Andrews said. He said he was unable to use that hand because he was recovering from a gunshot wound in the right shoulder he had received a week earlier. (That incident is under investigation by the U.S. attorney in the District.)

Just as the couple reached their apartment, police were telephoning him.

"They police were going crazy trying to find him," said Assistant State's Attorney Robert Bonsib. The prosecutor said police then asked the couple to come to the Forestville Substation for questioning, where Leslie Andrews was arrested.

Brown was held on $25,000 bond in the County Detention Center in Upper Marlboro, but posted bond and was released last Tuesday. Leslie Andrews was released on $5,000 bail the next day, over the objections of the state's attorney's office.

"I was flabbergasted on that one," said Bonsib. "This appears to be a professional conspiracy to kill."

Phillip Andrews also is upset. "Here I am hiding out and she's out here free," he said.

Phillip Andrews, an insurance salesman who has lived in the area since 1978, said a series of problems in their four-year marriage led to a separation last December. When he returned from a two-week vacation in Jamaica, he said, Leslie Andrews sought reconciliation.

While he was in the hospital recovering from the shooting outside his wife's apartment on M Street SW on Jan. 20, Andrews said his wife visited him daily and even helped bathe him. The day after he was released, he said, she invited him to go shopping at Landover Mall.