The March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation of the National Capital Area presented medals Monday to 28 special education students at Mamie D. Lee School who participated in the foundation's Reading Olympics program. The students, who were the first special education students ever to participate in the Reading Olympics, offered to public and private schools, each found sponsors to make contributions to the March of Dimes for each book they read. The students read 443 books from Jan. 7 through Feb. 19 and raised $340 for the March of Dimes.

Gold medals were presented to Jill V. Breece, 40 books; Myron Mimms, 29 books; Anthony Thomas, 28 books; James Dupree 26 books; Oleon Jones, 26 books; Annette Boone, 25 books; Andre Duckett, 21 books; Mary Morris, 21 books; Angela Rodregiez, 21 books.

Silver medals went to Theresa Brown, 18 books; Judy Combs, 18 books; Barbara Butler, 17 books; Monica Long, 14 books; Antonio Lucas, 14 books.

Bronze medals were presented to Samuel Klein, 12 books; Regina Jackson, 12 books; Reginald Lovett, 12 books; David Miles, 12 books; Troy Botts, 10 books; Carol Barham, 9 books; Michael Burr, 9 books; Willie Hamn, 9 books; Therese Lucas, 9 books; Lisa Pegram, 9 books; Keith Sivels, 9 books; Kim Burroughs, 9 books; Wanda Collins, 2 books; and Mary Lee, 2 books.