The Leesburg Town Council has asked the Loudoun County Planning Commission to reject proposed changes in the county's Leesburg Area Management Plan because town officials disagree with parts of the new plan.

Town manager John Niccolls said the plan, which the county uses to regulate growth in the Leesburg area, runs counter to earlier county documents governing development in the area.

Niccolls said the council found the following problems with the plan:

It does not designate Leesburg as the provider of water and sewer services in the region surrounding the town, although Leesburg already serves customers outside town and is extending its utility service area.

The plan does not anticipate Leesburg annexations, even though earlier county plans called for Leesburg to be the seat of government for the developing area.

The county places "arbitrary limits," Niccolls said, on the development of Leesburg Municipal Airport, which the town owns.

"The plan fails to make the town an equal partner in implementing goals the town and county share for land outside town," Niccolls added.

Bill Keefe, comprehensive planning chief for the county, said, "We don't think the differences are all that complicated. We think we can resolve them, given some discussion."

The proposal, now before the planning commission, needs final approval from the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

The council last week also held a hearing on amendments to the town's comprehensive plan. The major dispute concerned use of a three-acre tract on Memorial Drive south of Loudoun Memorial Hospital, Niccolls said.

A developer has asked the council to change the zoning from residential to commercial to allow construction of medical offices, but several residents spoke in favor of keeping the area strictly residential, he said.