Two years ago, Jacqueline Rozanski, 32, opened up the Cookie Connection at the Farragut North Metro stop, and within six months, her chocolate chip cookies had been selected by Washingtonian Magazine as "the best chocolate chip cookie in the Washington metropolitan area." Last year, Family Circle Magazine called her cookies "the best in the world."

She was so successful, in fact, that she decided to expand her business by selling the scrumptious morsels with ice cream between them. She expanded it further by selling the cookie-ice cream sandwiches from pushcarts on the street outside the underground Connecticut Connection. Her success brought her two lawsuits seeking a total of $800,000. The suits, filed by her landlord, Miller-Connecticut Avenue Associates, alleged that she was violating her lease by selling ice cream, and said she was damaging the image they had spent so much money trying to create.

Rozanski had developed the ice cream sandwich idea as a dessert for her two daughters, Rachel, 11, and Stacy, 7, "because they didn't like eating cookies." Nine months after the store opened, she said, her marriage started to crumble and she and her husband Larry Rozanski were divorced. Larry has since given up his dentistry practice to open his own cookie shops.

Last week, the two lawsuits were dismissed. "We just came to terms and settled it," Jacqueline Rozanski said. "We agreed that I will carry the ice cream product in the store, but I won't use the pushcarts."