Five Amtrak employes have been arrested by D.C. police and charged with embezzlement in connection with schemes to pocket refunds on train tickets. The arrests took place over the last two months.

Amtrak officials said the embezzlement of Amtrak funds occurred during the last two years and that alleged illegal activities on the part of ticket personnel may have cost the railroad thousands of dollars.

All five employes arrested worked at the Amtrak ticket sales office at Union Station. All have been placed on leave, authorities said, pending the outcome of the cases.

Police said the first such arrest was made Jan. 13 when Kenneth Jerome Hall, 26, of 4100 Ames St. NE was charged with embezzling $480. According to court documents, a stolen credit card was used 59 times to buy tickets through the computer terminal where Hall was assigned.

Robert J. Raymond, 43, of 6704 Allegheny Ave., Takoma Park, was arrested Jan. 21 and charged with removing $522 from his cash drawer against four tickets that had been refunded elsewhere. According to police affidavits, Raymond said he later split the money with another employe who had given him the tickets and that "he had redeemed previously refunded passenger tickets on several occasions."

On Jan. 28, police arrested Carl Wise, 31, of 407 Dateleaf Dr., Seat Pleasant; on Feb. 16 they arrested Jesse Lee Barnes, 31, of 240 Possum Ct., Seat Pleasant, and on March 8, Joseph Mills, 44, of 2256 Dawn Ln., Hillcrest Heights. All three were charged with embezzlement.

Police said additional arrests are expected.