D.C. City Council member Nadine P. Winter (D-Ward 6), saying that the city has "a long way to go" on issues such as crime, housing, employment and income maintenance, has kicked off a reelection bid that she said may cost up to $40,000 this year.

Winter, first elected in 1974, said yesterday that she has $5,000 "in the bank" and pledges of $18,000 more. "It's hard to raise money out there," Winter said, predicting that any potential opponents will fall short of her goal.

"Our city government has its problems and its drawbacks," Winter said. "But at the same time, with only eight years of partial home rule, we have been able to pull together the many and diverse segments of our city and improve the quality of government service."

A one-page press release that Winter's staff distributed yesterday was withdrawn when Winter discovered her aides had printed her campaign remarks on official council stationery, a violation of council rules. "It was a mistake," an aide said.

Winter held a $3-per-person campaign kickoff party last Friday night at Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian Catholic School, 1501 East Capitol St. About 300 persons attended the event, Winter said.