Seventeen Arlington County residents have applied for the school board position to be vacated by Torill B. Floyd in June.

Floyd, the only remaining Democrat on the five-member school board, is not seeking reappointment.

The County Board, which will choose Floyd's replacement in May, extended the application deadline to last Monday after only seven persons had applied for the $5,000-a-year position by March 1, the original cutoff date.

The 10 candidates who have filed since March 1 are: Robert L. Beskind, 51, 1428 S. Greenbrier St., a manpower and personnel analyst; Margaret Ann Bocek, 32, 3669 Military Rd., a former member of the White House writing staff; Sally W. Boss, 42, 5727 S. Fifth Rd., a former teacher; Bettye P. Byron, 38, 925 N. Longfellow St., a Fairfax County teacher; Sondra L. Cook, 2605 S. Joyce St., age and occupation unavailable; James N. Coursey, 46, 5546 N. 15th Street, marketing manager for Honeywell; Frank W. Erwin, 50, 1400 S. Joyce St., president of a management consulting firm; Eugene A. Lopez, 30, 1510 S. Edgewood St., an attorney; Louis N. Morgan, 37, 306 S. Wayne St., administrative director of the Nuclear Medicine Department of Prince George's General Hospital; and Joan H. Pearson, 43, 3244 N. Pershing Dr., former teacher.

Those who applied before the March 1 deadline are: Andrew M. Barr, 53, 1837 N. Hartford St., a real estate broker; Donald J. Hunter, 2209 S. Sixth St., age and occupation unavailable; Edna Earle Johnson, 34, 6365 N. 12th Place, an attorney; Joan K. McDermott, 46, 3601 N. Kensington St., a teacher; Carol E. McEwen, 37, 3821 Lorcom La., former teacher; Lloyd C. Mostrom, 72, 910 N. Montana St., financial management analyst; and Kathleen D. Trygstad, 36, 1531 N. Stafford St., a management analyst with the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

A candidates' forum, sponsored by civic groups, is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. March 29 in the school board room of the education center, 1426 N. Quincy St