A 30-year-old District woman was found stabbed to death in her Northwest apartment Tuesday afternoon after suspicious coworkers asked police to check on her because she hadn't reported to work in two days.

The body of the woman, identified as Awanda Roberts, 30, of 3060 16th St. NW, was discovered bound and gagged in the bedroom of her third-floor apartment. An autopsy report stated that the woman suffered a stab wound to the abdomen and a blow to the head.

Further tests are scheduled to be made on the body to determine whether the woman was raped.

Roberts, who received a bachelor's degree in communications at Howard University in 1979, graduating cum laude, had worked for about a year in a production department at the Bureau of National Affairs, a D.C. firm that publishes specialized newsletters reporting on activities of the federal government.

Roberts was last seen at 4:30 p.m. March 11, leaving the BNA office building on 25th Street NW near Georgetown.

"She was a steady employe here and that's why we decided to check up on her when we couldn't get an answer by phone after a couple of days," said Robert Thomas, who supervised Roberts at BNA. "She was a pleasant woman, an outstanding employe, always dependable and always on time; you could set your watch by her."