Sophomores at Winston Churchill High School in Potomac have some definite ideas about the qualities they look for in a congressman. The following views were gleaned from a set of essays by students in Kathryn A. Megyeri's English class.

In general:

* "I think every member in Congress should be a United States citizen. I would disapprove of Congress members having any illegal identities."

* "The members of Congress are the most important because the president can make mistakes, the Senate can make mistakes, but the members of Congress can't make any mistakes."

* "When they take an hour to say what they could say in 20 minutes, I get mad. I like to listen to what they say, but not when they drag it out."

* "They should limit their travel around the world to fact-finding trips."

On experience:

* "A Congressman does not need to have as much experience as a Senator because he only serves a two-year term instead of a six-year term."

* "I think Congressmen should be older than the ones in Congress now. That way they would be more mature and could influence others to pass bills. People that work in Congress think too highly of themselves."

* "If a Congressman is not 40, chances are that he does not have the amount of experiences a 40-year-old would have. Being that old limits the amount of time that he may stay in Congress because of his health."

On honesty:

* "Many people believe honesty should be the main characteristic of a Congressman. I believe that if a Congressman does nothing to harm the state or district he serves, then it should not matter whether he is honest or not. I would rather have a wise Congressman."

* "The qualities of a congressman that I disapprove of would be if he was either dishonest or conservative."

* "The person must have political experience. He should have been a governor, or in state or local politics."

And, finally:

* "Although I am not a very politically inclined person, the qualities that I would look for in a U.S. congressman would be (1) a nonmilitary man; (2) a non-gungho or an overly anti-Communist hater; (3) one who would act calmly under surmountable pressure; (4) a liberal, and (5) one whose devotion to world peace could only be matched to his belief in the sanctity of the nation as a whole. These qualities are not and have not been followed by any congressman that I know of."