The Leesburg Town Council has called on Town Manager John Niccolls to meet with the Loudoun County planning staff to prepare a report on future land use beyond the town's corporate limits.

By July 1, Niccolls is to report to the council on how the county's Leesburg Area Management Plan compares with the town's own land use plan so that the Leesburg council can decide whether the town's plan should be revised.

"We are saying to the county, 'Your plan is not compatible with ours,' " said Leesburg Mayor G. Dewey Hill. "We want these differences looked at closely at a staff level and brought back to the council."

Earlier this month, the Leesburg council adopted an ordinance initiating annexation of 15.4 square miles, which would quadruple the town's size. The annexation measure now goes before the Virginia Commission on Local Governments, which will study the issue for up to six months, issue a report and act as an intermediary between Leesburg and Loudoun County. Then the Town Council can petition the circuit court to appoint a three-judge annexation court, which decides the issue and sets the boundaries.

Leesburg and Loudoun County officials differ over how the land within this annexation area should be developed, however. The county's Leesburg Area Management Plan generally calls for zoning that would allow one to three units per acre around Leesburg. The town, however, favors four to 12 units per acre.

The Leesburg council last week passed a resolution attempting to coordinate the two plans and sort out differences in the midst of annexation proceedings. The council appointed Hill and Niccolls as negotiators for Leesburg in the annexation discussions.