Bowie Mayor Audrey Scott, one of the most active women in politics in Maryland, was defeated in her bid for a fourth term yesterday by City Council Member Richard Logue, who got almost 60 percent of the vote.

Logue got 2,460 votes to Scott's 1,720, according to unofficial returns.

The five incumbents on the City Council who sought reelection were returned to office.

Scott's reputation as a political activist became a major campaign issue, although she and Logue found little disagreement on most of their political positions.

Logue, an outspoken council member in the predominantly white-collar, middle-income community, charged that Scott's partisan campaigns for more prestigious offices during her six years as mayor compromised her effectiveness in representing the city's concerns to Prince George's County and state officials.

Scott argued that the attention she attracted in her campaigns for higher offices added to her clout with county and state officials.

It was her first defeat in a municipal election since she was elected a city council member in 1975. She won her first bid for mayor in 1976.

In 1974 she lost a race for delegate to the state legislature. Last year, Scott got the GOP nomination over 30 other primary candidates to fill the 5th Congressional District seat left vacant when Rep. Gladys Spellman was disabled by cardiac arrest. Scott, running in a Democratic district as a "fiscal conservative" and endorsing President Reagan's economic policies, was then defeated by Steny Hoyer.

Scott said last night she hadn't decided whether she will make another try for elected office. "I can't predict what the future will hold but I'll keep my options open," she said.

Of her defeat after three terms as mayor, Scott said, "perhaps they the voters thought it was time for a change."

Incumbent council members who sought reelection won easily.

In District 1, incumbent Walter Planet beat challenger Jack Jenkin; in District 2, the spot given up by Logue, Eugene Kiley won over Albert Lochte; District 3 incumbent Richard Padgett beat Anthony Lang; District 4 incumbent Herbert Sachs and District 5 incumbent Norman Cooper were unopposed; and in District 6, incumbent Michael DiMario beat Bobbie Piper.