The Maryland House of Delegates approved a resolution today clearing Del. Robin Ficker (R-Montgomery) of any wrongdoing in connection with a questionnaire on which he solicited donations.

By a voice vote the House approved the resolution submitted by a five-member investigating committee that found Ficker had not violated the state's ethics law and recommended that no further action be taken in the matter.

"I'm exhilarated and exonerated," said Ficker, who did not take part in the floor debate. "The report says it all."

The investigating committee was set up two weeks ago after the joint House-Senate Ethics Committee voted 7 to 0 to find "a substantial question of conflict of interest" in regard to the questionnaire, which Ficker sent out last spring using $6,000 in state funds. He received $417 in donations as a result of the questionnaire's last item: "(Strictly Voluntary) Enclosed is a tax deductible contribution of ----- to State Legislator Robin Ficker."

Ficker said the contributions were for future newsletters and were placed in a newsletter account. The investigating committee concurred with Ficker's testimony although it noted that Ficker's waiting two months to set up the account was "most ill-advised."