He is a Silver Springer, and he begged me not to use his name "because it might bring me more of the same aggravation." I agreed, as long as he allowed me to tell his story.

The man has been disabled for many years. He has not worked since the early 1970s. For money, he has depended entirely on the federal government--for veteran's benefits, Social Security and the salary his wife used to earn as a federal government employe.

Yes, used to earn. She was RIFfed two months ago in the first wave of Reagan budget cuts. Ever since, she has spent her time looking unsuccessfully for work and mumbling curses about Reaganomics under her breath.

One day last month, when she came home from a day of fruitless job-hunting, she discovered a letter. A golden eagle was imprinted atop the first page.

"I've thought of you often during my first year in the White House because I realize how important you are to the future of our country," the letter began.

"I believe you're one of the special few who understand that personal direct support of our Party is one of the most important ways of protecting our individual and national freedom.

"And the whole reason I am writing to you today is to invite you to become a contributor to the National Republican Congressional Committee."

You guessed it. It was a pitch for money from Ronald Reagan. And you probably guessed the rest. Both Mr. X and his wife are lifelong, registered Democrats.