D.C. police arrested three teen-agers early yesterday after what officials called a nine-hour shooting spree that left car windows shattered in neighborhoods stretching through Northwest Washington to the Montgomery County line.

The trio allegedly blasted the windows of more than 80 parked automobiles with a BB pistol, according to police Capt. Bernard Dryden.

Police said they expect even more complaints to be filed when residents of the quiet, tree-lined neighborhoods begin returning from Easter holidays on Monday and Tuesday.

The teen-agers apparently eluded police for several hours as they criss-crossed residential streets in the Spring Valley and Tenley Circle areas, moving generally up Wisconsin Avenue, shooting parked cars at random.

Reports of broken car windows were recorded in a swath from O Street NW to the Montgomery County line, according to police. Most of the vandalism was concentrated in Spring Valley and Tenley Circle neighborhoods in Northwest, however, including Klingle, Albemarle, Brandywine and Chesapeake streets, 43rd Place and Rockwood Parkway.

"They were having fun," said police Sgt. William Valentine. "That's what they call fun."

The spree, which began around 9:30 p.m. Saturday, finally was halted at about 6:30 a.m. yesterday by a policewoman patrolling Foxhall Road, Dryden said. The officer heard "popping noises," followed the car driven by the three boys and pulled them over.

The three juveniles -- two 16-year-olds and one 15-year-old -- were charged with destruction of property and possession of prohibited weapons, police said. Although police did not release the names of the juveniles, they said the youths lived near the neighborhoods they vandalized. One reportedly lived in Georgetown and another on Reno Road in Northwest. Police did not identify the residence of the third suspect.

Police confiscated a BB pistol and a pair of brass knuckles from the automobile driven by the suspects, Dryden said. He said the brass knuckles apparently were not used in the attacks on the parked cars.

Police said they received calls from about 40 automobile owners in the neighborhoods throughout the night. They were swamped with another 40 calls early Sunday morning as residents began discovering the damages.

Ford Barrett, of 3382 Fordham Road in Spring Valley, said he found a hole in the rear window of his station wagon Sunday as he went out for his newspaper.

Although Barrett said his insurance probably will not cover the cost of repairs, "if there's any consolation that such a large number of cars were hit, it will assure that something will be done -- the victims can negotiate with the parents of the suspects or can file a class-action suit."