Arlington should have a new county manager in June, according to County Board Chairman Stephen H. Detwiler, who said the search is right on schedule.

The initial field of more than 100 applicants has been pared to 50 by Pequod Associates, the Boston consulting firm hired by the board to help in the search for a successor to W. Vernon Ford, who was fired last fall from the post he had held for more than five years.

Board members reviewed the applications of the 50 last month and further narrowed the list to about 25 on whom they have asked Pequod to do additional investigations, Detwiler said.

Pequod is expected to report back to the board in another week or so, when the list again will be whittled down. Personal interviews with about 10 finalists for the $60,000-plus post will take place some time in May, depending upon the applicants' and the board's schedule, Detwiler said.

"If we can hit the month of June for a selection , I'll be very pleased," he said.

The board also is searching for a successor to Dottie Bowen, the former clerk to the board who resigned last winter. More than 130 people have applied for the $20,000 position, Detwiler said, and an appointment is expected some time this month.