The Government Printing Office has tentatively decided to spread around furloughs so that most of its 6,300 workers will have to take six days off--one day a month starting in June--rather than forcing half the staff to take 12 upaid days off this year.

GPO plans to schedule the furloughs around holidays. The idea is to give employes a four-day weekend (one of the days without pay, of course) over the Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Last month GPO announced it would furlough about half of its staff because work orders from other agencies had fallen off. Unions at the giant printing plant--it does everything from the overnight Congressional Record to pamphlets and passports--balked at the idea. They have not yet approved the revised plan to reduce the number of furlough days by doubling the number of those to be furloughed.

The Joint Congressional Committee on Printing is working with GPO, General Accounting Office and the Office of Management and Budget to determine the extent of the printing office's financial plight, and see if furloughs can be avoided altogether. A final decision is several weeks off.

Meanwhile, GPO plans to furlough most of its workers on June 1, July 6, Sept. 3, Oct. 25, Nov. 26 and and Dec. 27.