Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3C will be represented at a Zoning Commission hearing at 1:30 p.m. Monday at the 2nd District Police Headquarters, Idaho Avenue and Newark Street NW. The Zoning Commission will take up the proposed expansion of McLean Gardens. The ANC is concerned about the 10-story height of some of the proposed buildings, the number of parking spaces and the amount of commercial space.

The latest proposal of the Tregaron Development Corp. calls for 120 to 130 town houses to be built in clusters on the Tregaron estate on Macomb Street NW. The ANC is asking that reduction in the number of homes be reduced to between 70 and 80. The ANC also wants the developer to pay special attention to the landmark character of the property and to provide more underground or hidden parking spaces. The developer already has agreed to provide funds to preserve the exterior of the main building, which is occupied by the Washington International School.

The ANC has adopted a resolution urging the Zoning Commission to change the proposed regulations on child-care centers to insure that they be located at least a half-mile apart and that children attending the centers live in the neighborhood.

The ANC is concerned about vagrants who congregate near the playground at Guy Mason Recreation Center, but police say they cannot arrest them or throw them out since the District has no vagrancy law, according to ANC Commissioner Francis Threadgill.