Industry is coming to Glenarden, with the full blessing of local officials, who see it as a way to enrich the town treasury and bring jobs to the area.

The Town Council recently approved issuing an $8 million industrial revenue bond to finance the community's first major office building.

The town's commerce previously has consisted only of small stores, according to spokesman Ron Downing. But a Hyattsville computer firm, Automated Business Systems and Servies, has expressed interest in building a 40,000-square-foot headquarters in Glenarden, and town officials are envisioning the building as a cornerstone of future industrial development.

"The building would expand the revenue base of the town, develop some vacant land and, hopefully, spur further economic development," Downing said. "We are extremely pleased that Automated Business Systems and Services is planning to come to town."

It is the first time Glenarden has issued an industrial revenue bond, although Prince George's County and other municipalities have frequently issued such bonds, Downing said.

The bonds are low-interest loans made to businesses, with government acting as a type of co-signer without assuming liability in case of default.

The community, in this case Glenarden, issues the bond, and the firm then seeks financing, using the bond as proof of good faith.

Downing said the Hyattsville firm has made an "informal commitment" to offer job training, employ qualified local residents and establish an internship program for area college students.

A company spokesman said the firm could not yet estimate how many new jobs the move might bring to Glenarden.

Automated Business Systems and Services sells computer equipment and offers consulting services, Downing said.