After a 10-day suspension ordered by the Quantico Town Council, the town sergeant, Leo Rodriguez, returned to work yesterday.

But Mayor T.A. Giannopolous said that Rodriguez "should have been fired instead of being given a 10-day suspension with pay. . . . That is like a 10-day vacation."

"Two police officers reported to me that Rodriguez appeared in plain clothes in the town hall and seemed to have been drinking heavily," Giannopolous said. "Rodriguez was off duty, but he followed them when they responded to a domestic quarrel at a cafe on C Street." Rodriguez then handcuffed someone and "a crowd started yelling at him," the mayor said.

Quantico policeman Calvin Johnson, one of the two officers who later reported the incident to the mayor, said: "He Rodriguez was under the weather. He placed a young man under arrest and we took him in, but no charges were placed against him. Finally, Rodriguez's wife came and took him home. We contacted the mayor because we felt one of the supervisors should be made aware of what occurred."

Rodriguez could not be reached for comment.

Rodriguez, a Quantico resident, was named head of the six-member Quantico police department last January. The previous town sergeant, Richard A. Gabriel, had been fired in August 1980. Gabriel sued the town for reinstatement, but lost the case in circuit court. He has filed an appeal, according to a town spokesman.