Parts of a $34,000 voter survey and a handful of tape recordings, taken from the Clinton campaign office of Prince George's County Executive Lawrence J. Hogan in an apparent burglary last week, were returned sometime Thursday, Hogan's campaign manager said yesterday.

Charles Michael Hoback, manager of Hogan's campaign for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, said he discoverd the missing materials in a desk drawer about 5:20 p.m. Hoback said he had been in the office all day, and that when he opened a drawer in his desk for the first time, "there they were, some of the missing documents."

Among the items removed last week were: a survey of issues concerning Maryland voters, along with demographic data; a tape recorder, an electric typewriter, and some tapes of Hogan's speeches, news clippings and what Hoback called "opposition research." Hopback said only part of the survey were returned and some of the tapes.

Hoback said he did not know how the second floor office, at 9015 Woodyard Rd. in Clinton, had been entered for a second time. Though an office key was removed in last week's burglary, Hoback said the locks had been changed.