The Fairfax County School Board will begin wrestling tomorrow with the $4.3 million in budget cuts ordered by the county Board of Supervisors.

Superintendent Linton Deck submitted proposals for cuts in 23 programs last week, but the School Board asked for a wider range of choices.

"His list was too limited," said board member Gerald A. Fill. "It didn't establish priorities."

Carmin Caputo, chairman of the School Board budget committee, said he wanted the board to scrutinize potential reductions in each school system department rather than make random cuts in the overall budget.

The forced cuts came about two weeks ago when the supervisors, accusing the School Board of asking for too much of an increase in times of economic uncertainty, sliced $4.3 million from the School Board's proposed $429 million budget. The appointed School Board controls where the specific cuts will be made.

Deck has recommended eliminating up to 134 staff positions, including 48 teaching positions, 35 bus drivers, 27 instructional aides and 20 administrative jobs.

Other options proposed by the superintendent:

Reductions of up to 50 percent in money set aside to buy new science and classroom equipment for schools, a total cut of $249,000.

* Cutting $296,000 from funds for elementary textbooks.

* Cuts of up to 50 percent in transportation grants to schools for high school extracurricular activities and athletic events, a saving of $27,600.

* Reductions totaling $1 million in areas ranging from delayed hirings to reductions in some services and material purchases.

The School Board budget committee will meet Thursday night to discuss these and the additional cutback proposals. The full board is scheduled to vote on the final cuts May 27.