Many federal workers complain that their agencies are not supplying them with copies of a 35-page chart that compares major benefits offered by health insurance carriers, and a 12-page pamphlet that compares premiums.

The Office of Personnel Management says that 6 million copies of the two publications were printed up. OPM says enough were sent to each agency so it could give every employe his personal copies of the two publications.

Many workers have called to say that their agency personnel or insurance offices have told them that OPM didn't send enough copies for everybody. OPM says it did! Obviously somebody is wrong, although that isn't much satisfaction to the person who didn't get the proper forms as promised.

Brochures: Federal agencies are correct when they tell employes that they do not have enough individual brochures spelling out detailed benefits of each of the 120 plans in the federal health program. Most agencies have a limited number of copies--usually they keep them chained to the desk--that people can look at. If you want copies of those brochures, you must contact the insurance company directly. Most federal workers here only eligible to join between 15 and 30 of the plans in the program.

Deadline: Some agencies are telling employes that they must make their health insurance decision immediately. That is not true. Open season runs until May 28.