After 13 years of politics, defeated Leesburg Mayor G. Dewey Hill Jr. is "hanging it up" after losing his seat to Leesburg attorney Robert E. Sevila last week.

"The town work had to come first and there wasn't much time left for campaigning," said Hill, who has served on the Town Council for 13 years including two partial terms as mayor. "I ran on my past record and apparently that didn't get out but I certainly worked hard. I gained so much serving the town for 13 years that it is hard to put a price tag on it."

Political newcomer Sevila, 38, scored an upset victory in the May 4 election by defeating two substantial opponents, Hill and incumbent council member Charles A. Bos. Early in the campaign Sevila said he was worried that voters didn't know who he was so he mounted an intensive outreach campaign.

Although Hill will be leaving office July 1, Bos will remain on the council until his term expires in two years. Bos said Leesburg is "going through a transition in terms of voters" and Sevila reached newcomers unfamiliar with the records of both incumbents.

Sevila captured the mayor's seat by winning 505 votes, compared to 425 for Hill and 382 for Bos. Sevila, president of the Loudoun Bar Association, has practiced law in Leesburg since 1974.

Before taking office, Sevila plans to meet with town officials to discuss negotiations between Leesburg and Loudoun County over the town's move to annex 15.3 square miles of land from the county.