George E. Lovelace, a successful candidate for Vienna City Council, received 849 votes, coming in third in the May 4 council election. Because of incorrect initial figures given to The Virginia Weekly, an incorrect vote total for Lovelace was published last week.

Voters in 19 Northern Virginia cities and towns elected new mayors and council members last week in statewide municipal elections. Following are the vote totals in those races, in order from the highest vote-getter.

ALEXANDRIA: Mayor: Charles E. Beatley Jr. (D), incumbent, 9,921; Robert L. Calhoun (R), 6,864. Council (six seats): James P. Moran Jr. (D), incumbent, 10,418; Patricia S. Ticer (D), 9,646; Donald C. Casey (D), incumbent, 9,350; Margaret B. (Marlee) Inman (R), incumbent, 8,394; Lionel R. Hope (D), 8,129; Carlyle C. Ring Jr. (R), incumbent, 7,926.

Mark Pestronk (D), 7,353; Richard B. Leibach (D), 6,615; Gene C. Lange (R), 5,455; Robert M. Gardner (R), 5,231; William M. Glasgow (R), 5,190; Janet M. Wilson (R), 5,160; Nicholas A. Colasanto (I), 2,827; Bruce T. Adkins (I), 533.

CLIFTON: Mayor: Wayne H. Nickum, 46; Robert F. Lindholm, 33. Council (five seats): Mynor Floyd McIntyre, incumbent mayor, 69; Robert F. Achor, incumbent, 63; Kenneth D. Buckley, incumbent, 63; P. Diane Dygve, incumbent, 61; Frederic Lee Ruck, 61; J.B. (Brant) Baber, 48.

DUMFRIES: Mayor: Olney A. (Butch) Brawner, 349 votes. Council (six seats): Ernest M. (Top) Amidon, incumbent, 266; Robert Brookover, incumbent, 262; Marjorie I. Davis, 258; Clyde N. Washington Jr., incumbent, 248; Eleanor C. Gum, incumbent, 244; Daniel G. King, 163; James M. Willard, 161; Paul B. Clary, 146; Stacey L. Walker, 120; Lloyd D. Hinrichs, 116; David L. Stumpf, 105; Fenton M. Herrell III, 102. Bruce Phelps, a write-in candidate, received 48 votes.

FAIRFAX CITY: Mayor: John W. Russell, 1,571; Frederick W. Silverthorne, incumbent, 1,423. Council (six seats): Lee H. Wigren, 2,456; Rob Lederer Jr., 2,435; Glenn L. White, incumbent, 2,325; Carl J. Hemmer, incumbent, 2,257; Gene P. Moore, 2,169; Ronald E. Escherich, 1,801; Frances L. Cox, 766.

FALLS CHURCH: Council (four seats): Carol W. DeLong, incumbent, 586; Elizabeth L. Cesnik, 559; Robert L. Hubbell, incumbent, 542; Gary D. Knight, incumbent, 539.

HAMILTON: Mayor: Harry L. Lowry, 67 votes. Recorder: Virginia Austin, incumbent, 65 votes. Council (three seats): Ruth A. Tillett, 64; Mary F. Diggs, incumbent, 57; Robert W. Trussell, incumbent, 50. William J. Brown, who had withdrawn from the race but whose name was on the ballot, received 15 votes.

HAYMARKET: Mayor: Muriel Gilbertson, incumbent, 16 votes. Council (six seats): Anne Williams Smith, incumbent, 18; Gertrude E. Bean, incumbent, 17; James R. Gossom, incumbent, 17; Samuel W. Crouch, incumbent, 16; Lois B. Crewdson, incumbent, 15; Hugh H. Orndoff, incumbent, 14.

HERNDON: Mayor: Thomas D. Rust, incumbent, 931; Jack E. Guth, 265; Haley M. Smith, 260. Council (six seats): Howard A. Nachman, incumbent, 1,085; Richard C. Thoesen, 1,040; Douglas D. Walker, 955; Robert P. Jensen, incumbent, 933; Lloyd H. Johnson, incumbent, 926; Donald M. LeVine, 865; Sheila Petit O'Leary, 798; Blaise B. Barnes, 719.

HILLSBORO: Mayor: Byron Farwell, incumbent, 17 votes; Alexander F. Muir, write-in candidate, 17 votes. Muir won the job after his name was chosen from a bowl last Wednesday. Council (five seats): Randall C. Allen, incumbent, 33; Martin S. Solliday, incumbent, 32; Hugh J. McLinden, incumbent, 31; Marion A. Virts, incumbent, 27; Muir, 21. Since Muir won the mayoral race, the council now must appoint a member to replace him on the council.

LEESBURG: Mayor: Robert E. Sevila, 505; G. Dewey Hill Jr., 425; Charles A. Bos, 382. Council (three seats): Marylou Hill, incumbent, 933; John W. Tolbert Jr., incumbent, 931; Reginald K. Gheen, 807; Mary Anne Newman, 582.

LOVETTSVILLE: Mayor: J.R. Hummer, 92 votes. Council (three seats): William F. Brown, incumbent, 105; Larry K. Bowman, incumbent, 98; Grace Hummer, 94.

MANASSAS: Mayor: Edgar E. Rohr, incumbent, 1,388. Council (three seats): James H. Payne, incumbent, 1,241; A. Stewart Vetter, incumbent, 1,228; Robert L. Byrd Jr., incumbent, 1,146; John P. Moliere, 796.

MANASSAS PARK: Council (three seats): Thomas Calomeris, 271; Dorothy B. Bello, 264; Frances T. Embrey, incumbent, 235; James F. (Frank) Murphy, 234; R.S. (Griff) Griffith, 194; F.R. (Frank) Jessee, 135; Sally I. Ice, 115.

MIDDLEBURG: Mayor: Loyal D. McMillin, incumbent, 65 votes. Council (four seats): Betty S. Kirk, incumbent, 73; Charles R. Turner, incumbent, 69; Trowbridge Littleton, incumbent, 66. Ed Anderson, a write-in candidate, received 26 votes to capture the fourth council seat.

OCCOQUAN: Mayor: Donald C. Lynn, incumbent, 65 votes; Charles Pugh, a former mayor who filed as a candidate but whose petition was disqualified, was a write-in candidate and received 38 votes. Council (five seats): Hazel W. Dawson, 70; Andrew C. Lynn, 67; E. Lorraine Musselman, incumbent, 64; H.G. (Kicker) Bauserman III, incumbent, 57; Michael Mooney, 57; Doris M. Green, 50; John A. Whittle, 47; Willis V.B. Schoonmaker, 38; Ronald W. Houghton, 31.

PURCELLVILLE: Mayor: Ronald M. Masters, 226 votes. Council (three seats): Basham Simms, incumbent, 193; Walter E. Kemp Jr., 175; Wade H. Palmer, incumbent, 148; Currell M. Piggott Jr., 129; Thomas J. Hatcher, incumbent, 112; Roger G. Wright, 64.

QUANTICO: Mayor: Lively C. Abel, 88 votes; Theofilos Giannopoulos, the incumbent mayor, received 29 write-in votes. Council (five seats): Mitchel P. Raftelis, incumbent, 89; Percy A. Brown Jr., 82; Herbert J. Saunders, incumbent, 80; Angelena Pandazides, incumbent, 68; Paul A. Loth Jr., 63; Ben Purvis, incumbent, 59; James W. Davidson, 58; Edwin Cusack, 53.

ROUND HILL: Mayor: Jeffrey H. Wolford, incumbent, 69 votes. Council (three seats): Ben F. Fordney, 60; Robert H. Gardner, incumbent, 50; Donald F. Smith, 46; Elizabeth K. Entwisle, incumbent, 42.

VIENNA: Mayor: Charles A. Robinson Jr., incumbent, 1,145. Council (three seats): George E. Lovelace, 949; E. Ross Buckley, incumbent, 921; Vincent J. Olson, incumbent, 860; Robert W. Robinson, incumbent, 680.