A citywide cleanup and community improvement campaign is under way this month and next.

The campaign, coordinated by William B. Johnson, director of the Department of Environmental Services, will include improvements to streets and parks, private housing, public housing, D.C. government buildings and other properties through the cooperative efforts of city agencies and citizens' groups.

The campaign's theme is "A Visible Difference." In announcing it earlier this month, Mayor Marion Barry said, "I call upon every member of the community, young and old, in every neighborhood, and every organization and business, to take part in this effort."

The cleanup campaign will include extra alley and street cleaning; special trash pickups to coincide with community cleanup efforts; street, curb and sidewalk repairs; tree trimming and stump clearing; an additional $300,000 worth of pothole repairs; drainage clearing on District bridges; cleaning and light replacement in tunnels; street sign replacement; planting of 3,000 trees in street box spaces throughout the District; repairs and improvements to recreation facilities; repair and cleaning of public housing properties and clearing of District-owned vacant properties; distribution of information on home-improvement repairs; painting and other improvements on the ground floor of the District Building; landscaping and other improvements to police, fire and court buildings, and cleanup at schools.

The remaining cleanup schedule, by ward: Ward 1, this week ; Ward 2, week of June 21; Ward 4, week of June 7; Ward 7, week of June 14, and Ward 8, week of May 24. During those weeks, the Department of Environmental Services will collect all extra material and bulk items put out by residents. For further information, call 727-4825.