Retail food prices in Northern Virginia increased .4 percent from April to May, according the Market Basket.

The Market Basket includes 71 items priced each month by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry.

In Northern Virginia, prices for 39 grocery items increased this month, prices for 26 items fell and six remained the same as in April.

Rib roast increased 38.3 cents a pound and round steak was up 19.1 cents a pound. However, prices of several other meats dropped in May: veal cutlets, down 27.5 cents a pound; frankfurters, down 13.4 cents a pound; whole ham, down 10.4 cents a pound; pork sausage, down 8.4 cents a pound; and frozen perch, down 6.4 cents a pound.

At the produce counter, celery prices increased 18.2 cents a stalk, sweet potatoes were up 11.2 cents a pound, white potatoes went up 10.9 cents for 10 pounds, cabbage was up 7.6 cents a pound and green beans were up 7.4 cents a pound. At the same time, lettuce dropped 25 cents a head and oranges were down 9.9 cents a dozen.

Other price increases included instant coffee, up 27.6 cents for a six-ounce jar; regular grind coffee, up 8.6 cents a pound; and shortening, up 6.8 cents for a three-pound can.

Price decreases included grade A large eggs, down 9 cents a dozen; cola drink, down 7.9 cents for six 16-ounce nonreturnable bottles; and cheese, down 5.3 cents for a half pound.

Elsewhere in Virginia, retail food prices increased .4 percent in the Richmond area, while they dropped .2 percent in the Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Portsmouth area.