The Montgomery County Fraternal Order of Police asked the Maryland attorney general yesterday to review an investigation of death threats against the family of Leonard Colodny, a former liquor consultant to the county.

Walter Bader, president of the lodge that serves as labor bargaining agent for county police, said at a press conference that investigations of the 1980 threatening phone calls by both Montgomery and Prince George's county police were incomplete and left "an aura of suspicion."

Investigators for the counties concluded that a series of life-threatening phone calls made to Colodny's family on the evening of Nov. 1, 1980, were made by David Jerome Borak, who signed a statement on Nov. 26, 1980, detailing the calls he made.

But Bader said yesterday that police investigators were not thorough in questioning Borak and did not obtain information that may have shown that others were involved in making the harassing calls. A review of the police investigations by a five-member FOP committee concluded that many crucial questions in the case remained unanswered and noted several inconsistencies.

"Borak said somebody else was with him, but the investigator never pursued it to find out who," Bader said.

Two weeks ago, sources close to the case said a Silver Spring man, Joseph Maggalet, said he was with Borak when the calls were made.

Bader said there may also have been some ties between the threats against Colodny and a Montgomery County police investigation of the county's department of liquor control. He said all the key investigators were reassigned before the investigation was completed.

Montgomery County Police Chief Bernard D. Crooke, in a press statement yesterday afternoon, said he was satisfied with the investigation. Crooke said he questions the motives of Bader's push for a renewed investigation.