Maryland Lt. Gov. Samuel W. Bogley, who is being dropped from the ticket by Gov. Harry Hughes, may seek reelection anyway--as State Sen. Harry J. McGuirk's running mate.

McGuirk, who is opposing Hughes in the Democratic primary, said last night that he has talked with Bogley about the possibility of his joining the ticket on several occasions.

"Sam is definitely my Number One choice right now," McGuirk said. "I think, given the opportunity, he would make an outstanding lieutenant governor. We've talked and I hope I'll have a definite answer in a week to 10 days."

Bogley has been agonizing for months about what, if anything, to run for. He talked with gubernatorial hopeful Robert A. Pascal, a Republican candidate, about the possibility of changing parties to run with him. He thought about running for U.S. Sen. Paul S. Sarbanes' seat as an independent candidate whose campaign would be centered on his opposition to abortion funding. He also considered running for Prince George's County executive and for the state Senate.

"I really don't know what Sam is going to do," his wife Rita said last night. "I do know he's not going to let what happened last time happen again. He'll be very sure of what his role will be before he'll run with anybody."

Bogley told the Associated Press yesterday that he was considering running with McGuirk because "I want to do something, I don't want to fade away." He said members of his family would like it, "if I went one-on-one with Harry Hughes."

McGuirk, a state senator for the last 16 years, is not well known in the Washington area. Bogley is. "He would have a better chance with me on the ticket," Bogley said.

Bogley agreed to run with Hughes in 1978 hours before the filing deadline. Hughes, then a long-shot candidate, went to the Prince George's County Council member after being turned down by a dozen other people. But even before the two men took office, they split over the abortion issue. Hughes and his wife, Patricia, support abortion funding, while the Bogleys oppose it. Bogley and Hughes agreed last summer that they would not run together again.

Bogley showed up at McGuirk's formal announcement in March. "I want to keep all my options open," he said. Later he added, "Once you've tasted that statewide exposure, it's difficult to give it up. I'd like to run again at the statewide level. I'm just not sure yet what I want or what is available."