A Maryland Circuit Court judge has ordered Prince George's County to pay $32,000 in fees to two lawyers who successfully sued the county to allow two women to have abortions performed in a county hospital.

The lawsuit was filed in response to County Executive Lawrence J. Hogan's effort in 1980 to ban all abortions from being performed in county hospitals. The women, identified as Jane Doe and Mary Doe, sued the county to allow them to have their abortions performed in a county hospital. Their suit was later joined by a number of doctors who practice at the hospital, who charged that Hogan was interfering with their ability to practice medicine. The women won their suit in state Circuit Court in 1980, and the decision was upheld on appeal this year.

On Wednesday, Judge Howard Chasanow ordered the county to pay about $21,000 in fees to Stephen Friedman, who has a private law practice in Prince George's, and about $11,000 to Carla Rappaport, who is connected with the Antioch School of Law. Friedman said he would donate his share of the money to the American Civil Liberties Union and Rappaport would give her share to the Antioch law school.

County public information officer Carl Gagliaridi said Hogan and County Attorney Robert Ostrom are considering an appeal.