The Fairmount Heights Town Council got its first look at the proposed $178,000 1982-83 budget last week, but it has yet to eliminate an anticipated $20,000 deficit.

"We hope to make up the deficit by cuts in certain areas," said Mayor Robert Gray. "We are not yet sure where those cuts will take place."

Gray explained the town's major financial problem is with waste disposal. Trash-removal charges levied on the town's approximately 500 homes do not bring in enough revenue to cover the public works budget, he said.

Last month, the council raised the cost of 104 trash pickups a year from $66 to $72 per household. The town will collect about $25,000 from residents with the new fee, Gray said.

But the public works budget, which includes waste disposal, employe salaries, road work, vehicle maintenance and other items, is expected to total $76,410.

"We can't do anything more about it this year, but it is apparent that the waste disposal charges will have to go up in coming years," Gray said.

The 1982-83 budget is $15,000 less than this fiscal year's $193,000, but that figure is deceiving, Gray said.

The mayor explained that this year, as a result of cuts in the federal Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) program, the town had to pay the salaries of several employes who had been paid by CETA. In the last year, three of those positions were eliminated.

Another problem with the budget is that real estate revenues have gone down from $63,000 last year to an anticipated $55,000 in the coming year, Gray said, because a number of deteriorated houses were destroyed, making the tax base smaller.

Other large appropriations include $63,000 for general government expenses and $20,000 for public safety, including operation of the town's two-person police force.

Gray said the council will discuss its budget problems at future meetings. The council expects to adopt the budget June 16, he said.