Mayor Marion Barry has signed a bill that will allow the District's police officers to work in their uniforms at part-time security jobs during off-duty hours.

Proponents of the bill, including the Fraternal Order of Police that represents rank-and-file officers in union negotiations, argued that the measure would increase police protection in high crime areas.

Opponents had argued that the better trained and equipped police, most of whom live outside the city, would take jobs from regular private security guards, most of whom live in the city.

The officers will be allowed to work up to 24 hours per week in the part-time jobs, but will be on call for regular police duty.

Barry has signed another council bill that allows homeowners to file homestead deduction forms once every five years rather than every year.

The city has had trouble administering the program, which can amount to about $400 in tax savings for each homeowner, because of confusion about the deadline to file the form.

This year's deadline was June 1, and it is uncertain whether the council will extend the deadline as it did last year.

Both bills, like all of the city's legislation except emergencies, must await a 30-day review period in Congress before becoming law.