Quiet victory for the Good Ole USA down at the District Building:

For at least 10 years, those wonderful pink traffic ticket forms that Washinton cops fill out so carefully have been printed in Canada.

Canada? You mean our own cops aren't zapping us with our own tickets? You mean Canadians print better forms than Americans? Where's protectionism when we need it?

According to Lee Hurwitz of the D.C. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Parking Enforcement, it's not as foreign a policy as it may sound.

IBM, indubitably an American company, used to have the coontract to print the ticket forms, Hurwitz says. The company just happened to print this particular kind in Canada. The forms are used for both parking and moving violations by DOT, the Metropolitan Police, the U.S. Park Police, the U.S. Capitol Police, the National Zoo Police, the General Services Administration Police and the Metro Police.

Huritz says DOT got "a few" letters complaining about cash going to Canada that could easily have stayed in the U.S. Meanwhile, entirely coincidentally, the contract was renegotiated this January, and it went to Moore Business Forms, Inc. They jprint the foorms in West Virginia.

The Moore forms look allmost the same as the IBM fforms, Hurwitz says, and heaven knows a filled-out one will cost you as much to settle.

But most important for America-firsters, the ciity has ordered 2,250,000 of Moore's finest. That's about an 18-month supply. Until the summer of '83 it'll be American printing that soaks Washington sinners.