A 38-year-old Montgomery County high school teacher has been convicted of battery in the stabbing of a hitchhiker he picked up last December and took to his Wheaton home.

A Montgomery Circuit Court jury, which deliberated for 14 hours after a four-day trial, reached a verdict at 1 a.m. Saturday, finding George Adolf Kinsey guilty of knifing 27-year-old Raymond McElligott III of Potomac last Dec. 12. At the time of the incident Kinsey taught biology at Magruder High School in Rockville. He has been reassigned to administrative duties.

McElligott testified that he was hitchhiking on Veirs Mill Road north of University Boulevard when Kinsey and another man offered him a ride, then invited him home with them for a drink.

In the course of a subsequent argument at Kinsey's home, McElligott testified, Kinsey cut his hand and in a later struggle stabbed him in the chest and back.

Kinsey said McElligott pulled a paring knife from a knapsack and threatened to rob and kill him. When he threw McElligott out of the house, Kinsey said, McElligott threw him to the ground and McElligott was stabbed as they struggled.

A spokesman for the Montgomery County schools said yesterday that Superintendent Edward Andrews will meet soon with Kinsey, who is scheduled to be sentenced June 30, to discuss his future.