Public Printer Danford L. Sawyer has scheduled a press conference this morning entitled "The Public Printer Tells the Truth About GPO."

Sawyer says that GPO workers are paid 22 percent more than their counterparts in the private printing sector, and that production costs of his agency are a burden on the taxpayers. He has angered unions there by asking them to take a pay cut of about 20 percent over the next three years.

Unions claim Sawyer is antilabor, that he is trying to build a political name for himself in Florida. Sawyer says he isn't running for anything, and has offered to take another administration job if Congress agrees to the pay and personnel changes he proposes.

Sawyer has locked horns with the Joint Congressional Committee on Printing over his plans to furlough 6,000 GPO staffers for six days over the summer. The committee has told him not to furlough anybody, and Sawyer has countered that the Senate-House group is under the thumb of GPO unions.

Meanwhile, workers at the GPO plan a protest march Tuesday. They are planning to get GPO workers to march from Gonzaga High School (near the main GPO building) to Capitol Hill, where they will be addressed by friendly members of Congress.

Union and management are miles apart on most issues. But both sides agree, for different reasons, that GPO is a mess these days.