The Montgomery County Board of Education, which has not had to appoint a board member since 1960, announced yesterday that it is seeking applicants to fill the seat recently vacated by Republican congressional candidate Elizabeth W. Spencer.

Board President Eleanor Zappone said that letters of interest and resumes would be accepted from any registered voter in the county.

The letters must be received by the board no later than 5 p.m. on July 15 and a decision is expected before July 26, said school system spokesman Ken Muir.

"We did not want to exclude anybody from the process. Even people who have not applied may be considered," said Zappone. "There is little by way of precedent to follow . . . and little legal guidance except that it is done by vote of the board."

The 56-year-old Spencer resigned last weekend to seek the Republican nomination for the 8th Congressional District seat held by Democrat Michael D. Barnes.

Margaret (Ellie) Struck, active in the county PTA, already has applied for the vacancy. Marilyn Praisner, Zoe Lefkowitz and Vicki Rafel, all candidates in the school board election this fall, said they would apply.

The board will consider the applications during an executive session planned for next week, Muir said.