Fairmont Heights is mounting a voter registration drive.

A local professional fraternity has offered to work with the town's judge of elections to increase the number of registered voters before next May's elections, Mayor Robert Gray said.

He said that after Gamma Pi Omega Psi Pi fraternity prepares an analysis on what should be done, the paper will be presented to the Town Council.

In another development, the Town Council last week appointed a three-member ethics commission that will put into effect a new ordinance setting guidelines for the conduct of appointed and elected officials, as required by state law.

The law requires municipalities to adopt an ethics law setting guidelines for public officials, but any town that does not think it needs to comply may appeal to the state.

Although Fairmont Heights has appointed an ethics commission, Gray said the town will file an appeal because none of the town's officials are paid and there "is little chance of conflict of interest."

He said there also is the possibility people will be discouraged from running for public offfice if they are required to provide financial information and meet other guidelines, when they are not paid.

The three members of the ethics commission are Margaret Brooks, Elsie Smith and Edwin Crawford.