A U.S. jury yesterday awarded $1 in damages to a former Maryland college student who was shot during a February 1980 scuffle with the owner of a vacant farmhouse in the Loudoun County community of Round Hill.

John S. Schaffer, 23, of College Park and a companion from St. Mary's College in southern Maryland said they were "junk hunting" in what they believed was an abandoned house when they were accosted by the owner, 73-year-old Arthur F. Horning Jr. of Bluemont.

Schaffer received four gunshot wounds and his companion, John Walter Goode, was shot twice after Horning discovered the pair on the second floor of the 17-room house. Horning was beaten with a flashlight and sustained multiple stab wounds in the struggle.

The six-member jury in U.S. District Court in Alexandria also sided with Schaffer yesterday in a counter damage claim filed by Horning.

Schaffer, who appeared in court with a cane, was charged by Loudoun County authorities with breaking and entering, grand larceny and felonious assault at the time. He later was found guilty of a lesser trespassing charge and fined the maximum $1,000. Schaffer also pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of destruction of property and received a $500 fine and a suspended 60-day jail term.