Government prosecutors yesterday asked a federal judge here to order former CIA agent Edwin P. Wilson, who is charged with illegally shipping explosives, providing terrorist training and arranging an abortive assassination on behalf of Libyan ruler Muammar Qaddafi, held without bond pending his trial because Wilson allegedly threatened to kill the chief prosecutor in the case.

Wilson, captured in New York last month after an elaborate ruse by prosecutors lured him out of Lybia, is being held under a $20 million bond at an undisclosed location. Wilson and two other persons also were indicted yesterday by a federal grand jury in Houston on charges of shipping without proper licenses 20 tons of C-4 plastic explosives to Lybia five years ago. An additional $20 million bond was set there pending Wilson's formal arraignment on those charges.

Wilson's alleged threat to kill assistant U.S. Attorney E. Lawrence Barcella Jr. was outlined in the government's response to a July 9 request by Wilson's lawyers asking that the bond be reduced.

An inspector with the U.S. Marshal Service, who traveled undercover with Wilson after Wilson left Lybia, said in an affidavit that he heard Wilson say he was going to kill Barcella in retaliation for his role in the investigation "if he's 71 and I'm 101." The inspector also told of a plan by Wilson to lure Barcella into leaving government service and working for a private law firm for a lucrative salary and, when Barcella no longer had the protection of the government, Wilson would have Barcella murdered.

Prosecutors said in their filing yesterday that they were not aware of the alleged threat on June 16, when they asked for the $20 million bond. The prosecutors, arguing that Wilson intended to flee, also submitted copies of three passports Wilson had used--an Irish passport in the name of Philip MacCormick, a passport from the Republic of Malta in the name of Giovanni Zammit and a British passport in the name of Rex Anthony Rock Bachelor.

A hearing on Wilson's bond is scheduled to be held tomorrow in U.S. District Court.