Prospective amusement arcade owners who plan to operate video machines in Falls Church will face stricter regulations.

The City Council approved an ordinance last week that requires any new amusement center with more than four video machines to be located at least 1,000 feet from any church, school or other amusement arcade and no closer than 100 feet to a residential area.

The City Council is also scheduled to act Monday on a proposal to levy a $200 annual tax on owners of 10 or more video games and a $100 annual tax on owners of fewer than 10 machines. The special amusement-arcade license tax would be in addition to the usual gross receipts tax.

In other action last week, the council referred a proposed condominium conversion ordinance to the city Housing Appeals Commission and the Senior Citizens Commission for study. The council is scheduled to act on the ordinance Aug. 9.

Under the proposed ordinance, owners of buildings converted to condominiums would have to pay relocation expenses or provide rental units for elderly and disabled tenants. Building owners would be required to extend leases in converted buildings or provide other apartments of "equal size and quality" in the development for not more than 20 percent of the residents for three years after they were notified of the conversion.