The owners of a proposed restaurant to be built on the Georgetown waterfront have acceded to a request by Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3A to seek postponement of a liquor license application hearing. At a recent ANC meeting, David Williams, representing the owners, agreed to send the ANC a letter explaining how the management would meet the community's concerns about trash, noise control and parking at the restaurant, to be called Poet's.

At its July 7 meeting, the ANC passed a resolution reaffirming its support for a current law that outlaws gambling, including a lottery, within Georgetown. In its resolution, the ANC specifically included the Potomac River adjacent to Georgetown. Some residents have expressed concern that future river-based establishments, including the proposed S.S. Williamsburg, may become gambling casinos.

The ANC voted to oppose a proposed bus shelter on 35th Street NW south of Dent Place, after hearing the views of residents of the immediate area.

After listening to statements by representatives of ANC 3B, ANC 3D, other civic groups and Georgetown University, the ANC has called for a formal hearing by the D.C. Department of Transportation on the proposal to make the Canal Road entrance the main entrance to Georgetown University. Other civic groups have complained that the move will overload Canal Road. The ANC is concerned that the action is being taken without adequate notice to the ANCs and other community groups and that any change should await the outcome of the Whitehurst Freeway study.