Emily Kim Deitz testified in Denver District Court today that she escaped from an attempt to deprogram her from the influence of Guru Maharaj Ji by climbing out of a second-story window in a home in Cleveland. Deitz, 23, formerly of Silver Spring, Md., said she jumped to the ground and "ran as fast as I could" from the house where she said many of the windows were nailed shut.

The slim, brown-haired woman spoke to the jury in clear tones as she described how people hired by her parents kidnaped her on a Denver street last April.

The kidnaping was her parents' third attempt to wrest Deitz from the influence of the Divine Light Mission. Her parents, Leonard and Esther, pled guilty last December to charges connected with the Denver incident and agreed not to interfere with their daughter for two years.

The current trial, in its fourth day, involves deprogrammer Joseph P. Alexander, 30, and four others charged with felony kidnaping, conspiracy and unlawful detention.

Her father was one of her captors, she said.

She was taken by plane to Cleveland. She said she found a few tools and stuffed them in a sack, waiting for a chance to escape.

Her parents are expected to testify next week.