The split between the insiders and party dissidents in Montgomery County's Democratic Party was made official yesterday when the liberal Alliance For Democratic Reform unveiled a slate of candidates to oppose the recently formed incumbents' ticket in the Democratic primary.

Billing their "Democrats for the '80s" slate as "the heart and conscience of the Democratic Party in Montgomery County," the ADR candidates espoused traditional liberal positions on which they all generally agree--opposition to raising interest rate ceilings, support for continued state funding for Medicaid abortions, tough gun control laws, and opposing the duplication of federal corporate tax cuts in the state tax code.

At the same time, the ADR slate challenged the incumbents, campaigning under the name "Democrats for '82," to come up with issues on which they all agree. "The only thing that unites them is incumbency," said ADR president Mindy Farber. "They have no united positions."

Patricia Billings, coordinator for the incumbents' slate, countered that "we still have the strongest and most complete ballot available. We have a variety of candidates who bring a variety of philosophies within the Democratic Party. We had no litmus test of issues ."

The ADR slate includes mostly political outsiders--Daniel Cassidy for state's attorney, Tony Fisher for sheriff, Fred Russillo for clerk of courts, five delegate candidates, one state senate candidate, and 12 candidates for the Democratic Central Committee. It also includes three council candidates, who ironically are on opposing County Council slates.